Contoh Kata Pengantar Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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First of all, thanks to Allah SWT because of the help of Allah, writer finished writing the paper entitled “The Use of Methaphore” right in the calculated time. The purpose in writing this paper is to fulfill the assignment that given by Mr. Bambang Irfani as lecturer in Sosiolinguistic major.


In arranging this paper, the writer truly get lots challenges and obstructions but with help of many individuals, those obstructions could passed. writer also realized there are still many mistakes in process of writing this paper.


Because of that, the writer says thank you to all individuals who helps in the process of writing this paper. Hopefully Allah replies all helps and bless you all. The writer realized that this paper still imperfect in arrangement and the content.  Then the writer hope the criticism from the readers can help the writer in perfecting the next paper. Last but not the least. Hopefully, this paper can helps the readers to gain more knowledge about Sosiolinguistic major.


Takengon, March 27th, 2019




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